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No one can fill two needs with one deed.

Are your needs in August the same as in November?

Different Seasonalities = Different Needs = Different Goals = Different Strategies = MICRO Strategies.


If your goal is more bookings, focusing on direct bookings will make you lose reservations.


If your goal is more direct bookings, focusing on more revenue will erode your margins.


If your goal is more revenue, focusing on margins will make your occupancy drop.

Your occupancy, revenue, RevPAR and ADR in August are different from November.

Demand and supply constantly change, so why should you adopt a one-size-fits-all hotel marketing strategy?

At Direct Your Bookings we are the first hotel web-marketing agency adopting what we called a Single-Goal-Micro-Strategy method (SGMS). Because no matter where your hotel is located, your needs and goals change in time, and so should your marketing strategy.

The Value-Force 5 of Direct Your Bookings

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We have our values, and so have you. Don’t settle for anything less than a team who shares your commitment to excellence.

What we do not do:

One-size-fits-all strategy
(more direct bookings at all costs)

Wild disintermediation

Big (noisy) data

Static hotel advertising
(money sucker)

Exposure-based tactics

What we do do:

Single-Goal-Micro-Strategy approach
(push & hold model)

Smart distribution

In-depth strategic data

Dynamic hotel advertising
(money maker)

Goal-centric & value-based strategies

Hey there, Ale here.

You deserve more than just another hotel marketing agency.

From Night Auditor to Resident Manager. From Revenue & Distribution to Marketing. From working IN to working FOR Hotels.

My name is Alessandro Crotti, 20 years in Hospitality, helping Independent Hoteliers boost their online presence, drive more revenue and direct bookings.

Welcome to Direct Your Bookings – not just an agency, but a Hospitality Center of Expertise in which Hotel Industry Experts and Freelance Professionals join forces to help you reach your goals in the digital world.

The Proven Method to Help You Achieve Your Goals.

The Process.


We analyze the data define the current status quo


We study your positioning and your competition’s


We determine the goals (macro & micro)


We set and implement the strategy


Assess, adjust, repeat.

Marketing & Revenue for hotels to Hire

Facing the Challenges

Marketing & Revenue to Hire

Full-time marketing support without the overhead, hitting the ground running as an extension of your team.

Breakthrough to Excellence

Why Direct Your Bookings?

Web-agencies are usually good at selling you what they’re good at, not what you need. Find out why!

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Getting You Prepared for What Comes Next

The Tools & Services You Need

Revenue-Marketing Strategy

Build your Digital Landscape & Strengthen Your Online Presence

Dynamic Hotel Ads

Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Independent Hotels

Dynamic Tailor-Made Content

Different content for different customers

Academy: Courses & Trainings

Learn the skills to generate leads, boost your revenue and get more direct bookings

Audits and Analysis

Online Presence and Performance

Hotel Brand Positioning

Position your hotel brand in the mind of your prospects

Interactive Hotel ChatBot

Marketing automation through the highest-converting channel in post pandemic times


Advanced Data-Driven Revenue & Marketing

Clients love it. Experience the results.

Hear Their Voices.

Blogging Awesome News


How to Track Hotel Demand with Booking.com

     Typically, when we want to gauge the demand for our destination, locality, and even our property, we turn to Google as the

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