Digital Strategist and E-commerce Expert for Independent Hotels.

Me, in few words

A life in the Hotellerie

From school to work, I never left this beautiful world.

There is so much behind this topic. And so much more yet to be discovered.

Happily working from EVERYWHERE in the World.

Home is not a place. It's a feeling.

Italian, 35, passionate about Hotellerie & Technologies.

Just call me Ale

Welcome to my site.

I’m Alessandro Crotti – everyone calls me simply Ale – and I am the creator of Direct Your Bookings.

I worked 7 years in different hotels ? , started as a Night-shift auditor, all the way up to Hotel Director. In between, I was Revenue Manager, my true calling.

It was in 2010 when I decided to move forward and combine Revenue Management with my other passion: E-Commerce.

Direct Your Bookings is the ultimate result of this powerful combination, what I define as a bridge that connects pricing, hotel distribution, branding and marketing.

3 “AHA“moments did I have in my career.

The first one, when in 2007 I was brought into a 2-day Revenue Management workshop with José Roblès. So little did I know about Revenue, so much did I fall in love with this new discipline.

In 2010, a while after starting managing my first hotel, I realised how much I was going down the wrong path: I wanted to come back to my Revenue. So, either step back, or move forward. I went for the latter.

I quit from working IN the Hotellerie to be working FOR it. I have always been a natural with technologies and tools, the Online was my church and Revenue my religion.

Booking Engine, PMS, RMS, CRM, CRS, Channel Manager, OTAs: this is literally my world and always have been.

Passionate and young: weird combination, as it lead me to open my business with absolutely no idea of what running a business meant. In fact, giant failure. But a very good one.

So much did I learn from that experience, that I am actually proud of it and, for sure, I wouldn’t be who I am now.

Few big news for a couple of years, but then, one day, something happened: my 3rd AHA moment.

2015, while supporting a hotel dealing with rate-parity issues, I end up emailing with someone at Expedia who, for whatever reason, thought I was a colleague of him!

The best 3 hours of my career, at least until the moment someone else realised the mistake and stopped him from giving me further info.

UPSI! Too Late! Lucky me, unlucky him, I already got quite enough details to understand what was (and still is) happening.

That day, I took the only decision I was left with: I will put forth extraordinary effort to defend hoteliers from these guys and help them get more direct bookings.

It took me 2 more years of sleepless nights and weekends to create the first draft of RevANALYTICS, and 3 more to craft, shape, adapt, test, trial and error what you see now: Direct Your Bookings.

How You Can Benefit From Direct Your Bookings

Where You Can Start

So, it’s the first time you get to know from me, I’ve told you my story and have introduced you to my project. However, at this point, you might say:

“Nice, interesting, but… what’s in it for me and my hotel? I need solutions that I can understand and that work to boost my revenue and my direct bookings. Where should I start? And how can you help me?”

Valid point. I offer you 3 different options:

Option 1

You want to know more about what I do, how I work and, most important, what I can deliver to satisfy your specific needs.

The foundation of Direct Your Bookings are all included in what I consider my pillars: Get More Direct Bookings: The Ultimate & Complete Guide.

The 4 Domains of Success are the foundation of my business, result of all my 15+ years of experience, dealing with more than 250 hotels, all over the globe:

  1. Branding
  2. Marketing
  3. Distribution
  4. Revenue

I believe – and have proven facts – that there are no tools that can replace strategies and human beings!

In other words, there are no shortcuts.

I wish there were tools that, if adopted and turned on, would allow you to sit back, relax and just watch direct bookings flowing in, as if by magic.

I know this is what the market is trying to sell you.

However, as much as it sounds convenient to believe so, it’s not realistic.

That’s the biggest advantage of having dealt with 250+ independent hotels from every corner of the world. Different situations, different hotels, different markets, but very similar outcome from these tools: poor results.

Tools can be a huge help, only if placed in the right context.

This is the exact reason why I created Direct Your Bookings: giving you the right context, by tapping into each of the 4 Domains of Success: Branding, Marketing, Distribution, Revenue.

I spent the last 2 years applying my 4-domain principle with around 50 hotels. The average results, after only 90 days, were 100 up to 300% more direct bookings.

But this is the point: I will never ask you to believe me in the first place. Eventually, you might want to test me.


Let’s talk about it!

It all starts with a first step.

Two, actually:

  1. Read about why the 4 Domains of Success are the only way to go for.
  2. Schedule a FREE 30-min call with me, so that I can show you how the 4 Domains of Success can serve you, specifically.

You really have nothing to lose, don’t you think?