How to Check Your Competitors’ Facebook Campaigns.

How to Check Your Competitors' Facebook Campaigns

     Whenever it comes to running paid campaigns on Google or Facebook to promote our hotels, sooner rather than later the main question pops up: “What to write about? How? What headlines do we use? What images? What CTAs?”. In other words, what our ads should look like in order to entice prospects […]

PRICE AMBIGUITY: Are price comparison tools harmful?


Seeing one price to then being presented with another one. So, say: I start my booking journey on Google Hotel Ads; I click the result from Expedia: $100 per night; Let’s check the hotel website, who knows, maybe I’ll get better deals over there Best rate: $100 per night, same price as Expedia A price […]

Dynamic Content for Hotel Websites: 5 Bright Examples


     Overrated and abused. But never put in practice. That’s what I think about the term personalisation in the context of Hospitality. Because too many operators and hotel professionals have talked and keep talking about it, yet our industry still remains the global master of commoditisation. And here lies the problem in my […]

Hotel Marketing Strategies: Surprise Your Guests with Creativity


Meeting guest expectations. Making guest feel at home. Fulfilling guest desires.
If you have been working Hotel Industry long enough you likely know that it is ultimately all about the above statements. And yet, that is not what ultimately generates revenue for your hotel.

5 Tips for Hotel Newsletter Signups


   On one hand, email marketing is by far the best performing marketing weapon in the hands of any hotel marketing manager (and not only in the hotel sector). On the other hand though, before communicating, we need to collect the email address of those prospects and customers we will be communicating with. Thus, […]

How to Track the Length of Stay in Google Analytics


     How to Track the Length of Stay in Google Analytics, being in Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4 (GA4), using Google Tag Manager. Discover why it is important to track how many nights people search for in your hotel booking engine, even though you might already have this data provided. Download the […]

13 Most Abused Terms When Marketing a Hotel


   It’s already so difficult to stand out from the competition in the Hotel Industry, that no single hotelier on Earth would think of  So, do we (hoteliers) spend so much time in the attempt to be like all other hotels? Hotels are commodities. First, because the competition is certainly high across most countries […]