Time Series Reports in GA4


     A typical Google Analytics 4 report offers a useful overview of performance over a specified period. However, to evaluate whether performance is improving or worsening relative to another period, Time Series reports are invaluable. These reports provide a progression of our metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) over time, allowing us to […]

Page Load Time in GA4: Do Users Even See Your Hotel Website?


     Understanding User Engagement on Your Hotel Website Before assessing user engagement on your hotel website, it’s critical to ensure they can access your content. The correlation between a user opening a website and viewing its content seems straightforward, yet discrepancies frequently occur. The primary reason for this gap? Page load time. If […]

Hotel Website Visitor Engagement in GA4


     One key performance indicator that has traditionally been used to gauge website effectiveness is the Bounce Rate, a metric which calculates the percentage of visitors who leave a website after viewing only a single page. This has been especially true for the hotel industry. However, with the advent of Google Analytics 4 […]

How to Create a Hotel Funnel Report in GA4.


     Today, we’re focusing on the importance of creating a hotel-specific funnel report in Google Analytics 4 (GA4), an invaluable tool for identifying conversion ‘bottlenecks’—points in the customer journey where potential customers are most often lost. In the era of Universal Analytics, the funnel visualization report was a precious tool. With the advent […]

GA4 for Hotels: Why Micro Conversions Matter

     When a user decides to book a room via your hotel website, it might seem like the booking process is happening directly on your site. However, this is not the case. In fact, they’re utilizing the booking engine integrated within your website. This brings us to an essential role of any hotel […]

How to Check Your Competitors’ Facebook Campaigns.

How to Check Your Competitors' Facebook Campaigns

     Whenever it comes to running paid campaigns on Google or Facebook to promote our hotels, sooner rather than later the main question pops up: “What to write about? How? What headlines do we use? What images? What CTAs?”. In other words, what our ads should look like in order to entice prospects […]

PRICE AMBIGUITY: Are price comparison tools harmful?


Seeing one price to then being presented with another one. So, say: I start my booking journey on Google Hotel Ads; I click the result from Expedia: $100 per night; Let’s check the hotel website, who knows, maybe I’ll get better deals over there Best rate: $100 per night, same price as Expedia A price […]

Dynamic Content for Hotel Websites: 5 Bright Examples


     Overrated and abused. But never put in practice. That’s what I think about the term personalisation in the context of Hospitality. Because too many operators and hotel professionals have talked and keep talking about it, yet our industry still remains the global master of commoditisation. And here lies the problem in my […]