Persuade your target market.

Conversion Rate Optimization Widgets

Give something “more”, at the right moment, to the right customer.

Converting users into customers is nothing but persuading them in doing something we want them to… BOOK YOUR HOTEL!

Based on your RevANALYTICS figures, you can now understand in which circumstances users seem not to be willing to book, and here is where our Conversion Rate Optimization widgets come into play.

Different CRO widgets for different needs and scenarios, check them out:


When user’s cursor moves out of the inner frame of the browser, the exit-intent widget pops up with the goal of retaining the potential customer from leaving your booking engine, by offering him either a discount or another benefit you decide to be offering.


Reviews from your TripAdvisor profile, Trivago or any other provider you might be working with, such as Trust You.

This widget can either be installed on your website or booking engine.


We identify those users who land on your website for the first time ever and welcome them with this great call-to-action!


Are you running specific rate campaigns based on your Revenue strategy? What a better chance to give customers a bit of sense-of-urgency by highlighting a your special offers.


If you are located close to very important and sensitive POIs (points of interest), this widget is of a great support to visually represent your wonderful location.


It’s never about the cost, it’s always about the value. What is that which you can offer on your direct channel, in addition to what customers can find elsewhere on any other third-party channel?

Every single item, such as flexible reservation conditions, might have a huge impact on the value perceived by the customers.

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