Focus on what really matters:

More Revenue, More (direct) Bookings.

Done-For-You Solution:

Your Google Analytics tracking is on me.

1-on-1 GA Technical Setup & Consulting

Do you want to start tracking the right data, without wasting time with all the technical aspects related to initial settings, configurations and set ups.

Or do you need help with reviewing your current set up, as you are not sure you are making the most out of your Google Analytics data?

Let me help you.

Focus on mastering your data. And leave the technical aspects to me.

With my DFY (Done for You) solution for Google Analytics, you don’t need to worry any longer.

What I will do:

Google Analytics Setup

(website and booking engine*);​

Google Tag Manager Setup

Google Tag Manager Setup

(website and booking engine*);​

CTR website-booking engine

how much appealing is your website?​

Custom Conversion Rates

for instance, Conversion Rate per User and per Country​

Scroll-depth tracking

the more in-depth users scroll, the more appealing and attractive your content is.​

YouTube video tracking

how long have they been watched? Are your video entertaining?​

Schedule daily, weekly and monthly reports

directly into your inbox

Custom reports

beyond default. Combine data in a way that matters to you.​

Clicks received

you want your CTAs (call-to-actions) to be clicked as much as possible, right? Then, start tracking how many clicks you get for each of them, including, for instance, clicks on your telephone number.​

ecommerce tracking

Revenue-related metrics:

Booking Window and Average Booking Window: how much in advance do people search your hotel? And again ADR? What’s the average daily rate of your bookings?​

Device-category tracking:

Mobile is king. Is that also for your website and booking engine?​

Promo codes tracking:

do you work with a lot of promo codes to boost your direct bookings? Cool, but how have these codes been performing?​

Enhanced E-commerce tracking:

don’t settle for standard tracking. Make the most out of your booking engine tracking.​

Count of Sessions:

how many sessions do your users take before making a reservation?

Your Google Analytics tracking is on me

Done in 3 working days.


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Done in 3 working days.
$ 97
per Hotel
  • Do you manage the tracking for multiple hotels? Let's chat.

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