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Are You a Hotel Professional Looking for a Recovery Plan to Drive New Leads and Bookings?

The Lead-Generation Plan for Hospitality Commercial Strategists.

Stronger together: Silvia, Ale… and You !

The Special Deal Ends in...


Your post-pandemic path.

What is The Lead-Gen Plan?

The Lead-Gen Plan is a Coaching & Learning path for Hospitality Commercial Strategists who are planning the rebound, looking for new ways to stimulate demand and generate new leads.

To do so, we have put together our knowledge and experience to create this silos-free plan that brings together Marketing, Revenue, Distribution and Sales.

Can you really afford to wait for new customers to come knocking at your hotels’ door?

Of course not. In fact, the Plan is based on the principle that there is more demand than you can possibly think.

The goal of the plan is to show you the different ways of how to first reach out, proactively, to those leads. Then turn them into prospects. And finally into bookers.

A path in which Marketing, Revenue, Distribution and Sales join forces to help you generate new demand, get new leads, get new bookings.

It’s time to tear down the walls between different hotel departments. And work together towards a new way of generating revenue.

Coaching & Learning.

What Will You Get with the Lead-Gen Plan?

The Lead-Gen Plan consists of 3 Coaching Sessions with Ale & Silvia and the exclusive access to the Academy, the Information Library we’ve created with 8+ hours and 50+ video lessons, for you to access from anywhere, at any time, 24/7.


With our coaching, the goal is to create, define and execute a tailor-made recovery plan for you and your hotel, designed around your specific needs and situation (for example, based on when your country will reopen borders to international tourists and travellers).

A step-by-step plan that we will design with and for You, covering the 3 main pillars of your new Lead-Gen Plan:





The Academy is a Membership website you will have access to. In the Academy you will find tons of video-content, tips, tricks.


By following them, you will learn how to:

How it all began. Silvia & Ale

Why the Lead-Gen Plan?

There are partnerships that arise out of business opportunities.

But there are also partnerships that arise naturally, as a beautiful consequence of an identical way of working, of seeing things, of visioning the future, of growing together.

We first met last February, but we had been “following” each other for almost a year, on LinkedIn, sharing the same view, the same principles, the same values.

Silvia, with her strong focus on Revenue and Distribution.

Ale, with his strong focus on Marketing and Distribution.

2 weeks after we met, the pandemic happened. And even though, back then, we didn’t know yet what we would have created together, it was already in our minds and, unconsciously, we already put the basis to what has now become The Lead-Gen Plan.

From the very beginning, the question we were trying to answer was “How should hotel professionals pivot their strategies and day-to-day tasks to meet the new requirements the pandemic has changed?”

The answer was crystal clear, before our eyes: “Let’s work together”: Silvia, Ale… and You.

Analysis → Planning → Execution.

Working with you, other than for you.

Plus, 8+ hours of video lessons on how to build your recovery plan, from prospects to bookings, with tutorials, tools, “tricks”, interviews and successful case studies.

Do you know what the best part of all this is?

This is just the beginning…

Why Coaching (other than Consulting) ?

Whilst a consultant holds the answers for you, a coach helps you find your own answers.

In the situation we have been living, will you ever trust someone who claims to know what you have to do and guarantee you the results you wish to achieve?

We live in unprecedented times. Everything that worked before, may not be working now.

No case studies, no successful stories, no tested and proven systems, no tools-that-do-the-magic-overnight. None of these you can count on.

Like a clean slate: let’s wipe the past out and start agile.

That’s what we are here for: to work with you, other than for you.

To protect you from easy-to-buy-into solutions.

To help you create, shape and own your future and the success of your hotel.

Who Are We?

Alessandro Crotti

Alessandro Crotti

From Night-shift auditor, all the way up to Hotel Director. In between, Revenue & Distribution Manager, my first true calling.

It was in 2010 when Ale decided to move forward and combine Revenue Management with his other passion: E-Commerce & Marketing.

Direct Your Bookings™ is the ultimate result of this powerful combination, what I define as a bridge that connects pricing, hotel distribution, branding and marketing.

Keynote speaker and Online Tech Mentor for Hospitality Leaders, Ale is a tech guy but, deep down, always considers himself a Hotelier.

Because also "nerds" have a heart.

Silvia Cantarella

16 years of Revenue Management experience, spent mostly as Area Director of Revenue for some worldwide famous luxury hotels part of the Starwood Hotels & Resorts international chain.

She worked on hotel rebranding, new openings, repositioning projects and introduced the F&B & Total revenue management among the first in Italy.

In 2017 she left the chains to complete her experience in the world of independent hotels for which she currently works. Founder of Revenue Acrobats, she supports the hotels with tailored-made coaching and remote support.

Keynote speaker, Silvia holds training days for several masters and universities including Ciset, University of Venice and Bocconi School of Management.

The Lead-Gen Plan is not for You if...

The Lead-Gen Plan is for You if...

Whom we have worked for…

The ACADEMY >> Some of the lessons you will get access to:

50+ Video Lessons for Your Post-Pandemic Commercial Strategy.

    • Be on Top of Real Time Data.
    • Intro Silvia.
    • Internal data analysis.
    • Internal data hints.
    • External data sources.
    • Track Effective Demand. (RevANALYTICS)
    • Segmentation vs Targeting.
    • Segmentation past data deep dive to understand the changes.
    • Examples-Global trends and critical thinking.
    • Demand- Let’s Differentiate.
    • Effective-vs-Latend Deamand.
    • The boring yet necessary part: Targeting >> Define Your Avatar.
  • Benchmark.
  • Benchmark data and reference compset.
  • Traditional vs New metrics.
  • The 3 Tiers of Non-Customers and Competitors.
    • It’s Never about the Price, it’s Always about the Value.
    • Pricing: don’t give up on value
    • Bundling
    • Unbundling
    • Competitors Pricing Drop
    • Promotions and discounts
    • Partner promotions and flash sales
    • Cancellation policies
    • Be Flexible, Engage and Retain
    • Geo-targeted Rates
    • A Funnel is not what you think it is
    • WIIFM >> from “I” to “You”
    • Features Tell, Benefits Sell
    • It’s Never about the Price, it’s Always about the Value.
    • Pricing: don’t give up on value.
    • Bundling.
    • Unbundling.
    • Competitors Pricing Drop.
    • Promotions and discounts.
    • Partner promotions and flash sales.
    • Cancellation policies.
    • Be Flexible, Engage and Retain.
    • Geo-targeted Rates.
    • A Funnel is not what you think it is.
    • WIIFM >> from “I” to “You”.
    • Features Tell, Benefits Sell.
  • Facebook Advanced Strategies.
  • FB Pixel (general introduction).
  • Retargeting: the most powerful marketing weapon.
  • Retargeting (Advanced): DAT (part #1).
  • Retargeting (Advanced): DAT (part #2).
  • Lookalike Audiences.
  • ChatBots: the new high converting channel.
  • Chatbots – Numbers & Statistics.
  • Why a Chatbot?
  • Chatbot – Which one?
  • Demo Chatbot #1 – Simple Case.
  • Demo Chatbot #2 – Booking Flow (frontend).
  • Demo Chatbot #2 – Booking Flow (backend).
  • Time to start anew with smart distribution.
  • Smart distribution deep dive.
  • Inventory management and channel mix optimization.
  • Expedia SHPM: How the OTAs ‘steal’ your direct bookings.
  • Merging Revenue & Marketing Data: Case Study #1.
  • Merging Revenue & Marketing Data: Case Study #2.
  • Untapped extra revenue gain.
  • Room type supplements and upselling.
  • Alternative space usage.
  • The Ikea Effect + Intro Feature-based BE.
  • Feature-based Booking Engine (Interview with Markus Müller – Gauvendi)
  • It’s about being human.
  • Systems, future, communication and attitude.
  • What about Sales? Interview with Oscar Gomez – Latin America.
  • What about Sales? Interview with Sanna Griffin – Australia.
  • What about Sales? Interview with Rosa Perez – Spain.
  • A Succesfull Case Study: Gianluca Borgna, Grand Hotel Alassio

IMPORTANT! This is not just a Course...

It is not our intention to teach you anything, but it’s our goal to share everything we can that has worked for other hoteliers and we are sure it’s going to work for you too.

... This is a Plan.

Because a plan doesn’t happen overnight, it’s the result of multiple steps and actions.

Exactly the steps and actions described in these lessons.

Not simplistic tricks that do the magic overnight, but a step-by-step stairway leading towards achievable goals.

With the Plan, you will learn how to generate new demand, even in times when you think there is none.

With the Plan you will open your mind to a new way of generating business for your hotel, by reaching out to the right audience, with the right message, so that they will choose you amongst many others.

Not only we will share our respective techniques of Revenue Management, Distribution and Digital Marketing for hotels, but you will also learn how to bring them together to generate more leads, more prospects, more customers.

We guarantee: the Plan is for everyone. So everyone can do and benefit from it.

We have 15+ years of experience each in fields like Revenue, Distribution and Marketing for Hotels, and we have supported more than 5 hotels each, globally.

Coaching Sessions
Learning Modules
Video Lessons
0 +
Hours of learning material
100% Money Back Taco Guarantee


The focus of “The Lead-Generation Plan for Hospitality Commercial Strategists” is to provide you with knowledge, tips and tactics explained nowhere else.

But there is more!

With the Plan, you will also get 3 more bonuses that only private clients have access to:

Bonus 1:

Premium lesson on how to turn reviews into effective Testimonials that generate more bookings. What’s the difference between Reviews and Testimonials. And how can Testimonials bring more revenue to your hotel? You will discover the step-by-step process that will take no more than 15 minutes per week.

Bonus 2:

Access to the video course “Google Analytics for Hotels”, 22 video lessons, 1h and 22 minutes on how to correctly and efficiently set up your data tracking on your website and booking engine, without having to spend top dollars on webmasters and web-marketers to do the job.

Bonus 3:

30% OFF on the upcoming courses that will be released in 2021. Do you want to learn more on topics related to Marketing, Branding, Distribution and Revenue for Hotels? With the Plan, you will benefit from any future course that we will release, with an additional 30% discounts.


Money Back Guarantee.

Either you’ll love it, or it’s on us. No questions asked.

We are 100% sure that you will appreciate our effort to put together a Commercial Strategy that combines different areas of your hotel like Marketing, Revenue, Sales, Branding, Distribution.

However, after the first introductory call, if for whatever reason you’ll not like us, just send us an email and we will pay it back.


  • Typically between 15 days and 30 days, but it really depends on you, your starting point and how much effort you are willing to put forth to turn the plan into actions.
  • By purchasing the Plan, you will benefit from 3 45-min coaching sessions with Ale & Silvia.

All together, we will start creating your Lead-Generation Plan, by first analysing, then planning and finally executing.

  • You will also have access to the Academy, our Membership site with more than 50 video lessons for more than 8 hours of learning materials on topics like Revenue, Marketing, how to generate new demand, competitors, segmentation, and much more.

Depending on the Plan that you decide to buy, you will be granted access to the Academy for 30 days or lifetime.
The Plan is intended to be consistently updated from time to time. By purchasing the Plan now with a lifetime access, all future lessons will automatically be accessible in your account.

  • Running Paid Campaigns on Google and/or Facebook involves costs or investing in new technology to support your RM or distribution strategy. Other than that, there are no mandatory extra costs you should be aware of. Some of the tools shown in the video lessons might come at a cost, or maybe you already have. Long story short, there is no easy and absolute answer to these questions because it really depends on you, however, we are more than happy to assist you by providing you any additional information on the tools we talk about in our lessons.
  • That’s the main advantage you have by purchasing the plan now: not only will you benefit from a special deal, but you will also get all future updates, new videos and lessons included at no additional costs.
  • Absolutely. After completing the order, just send us an email with all the information needed, including your VAT number. You will receive a regular invoice soon thereafter.
  • No, this is not a viable option.
  • All credit cards are accepted. If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please send us an email at, we will then send you all the details to proceed with the payment.

Choose your best option.

The Lead-Generation Plan.


$ 497
  • 3 sessions of coaching one-on-two (with Ale & Silvia)
  • • Analysis
  • • Planning
  • • Execution
  • 30-Day Membership access with 50+ lessons and 8+ hours
30 Days


$ 797
  • 3 sessions of coaching one-on-two (with Ale & Silvia)
  • • Analysis
  • • Planning
  • • Execution
  • Lifetime Membership access with 50+ lessons and 8+ hours
  • Unlimited new content included
  • 30% OFF future courses or initiatives by Ale & Silvia


$ 1297
  • 3 sessions of coaching one-on-two (with Ale & Silvia)
  • • Analysis
  • • Planning
  • • Execution
  • 3 Licenses: Lifetime Membership access with 50+ lessons and 8+ hours.
  • Unlimited new content included
  • 30% OFF future courses or initiatives by Ale & Silvia

The Lead-Generation Plan for Hospitality Commercial Strategists.

The Lead-Gen Plan is a step-by-step path for Hospitality Commercial Strategists who need a plan to recover and rebound from the current pandemic and dealing with the new normal.

Not yet convinced?

Leave your details and we’ll call you back.

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Need Help Getting More Revenue & Reducing Costs for Your Hotel?​

Let’s talk about it and see IF and HOW we can help.

Need Help Getting More Revenue & Reducing Costs for Your Hotel?

Let’s talk about it and see IF and HOW we can help.

Need Help Getting More Revenue & Reducing Costs for Your Hotel?​

Let’s talk about it and see IF and HOW we can help.

Need Help Getting More Revenue & Reducing Costs for Your Hotel?

Let’s talk about it and see IF and HOW we can help.


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