See how RevANALYTICS can support your Digital-Revenue Strategy.

Numbers don’t lie,
but they’re so easy to misrepresent.

Tested, Proven, Safe

Where Digital & Revenue meet

After testing it on multiple independent hotels in the last 2 years, RevANALYTICS is the most scientific and an ever-evolving method that creates bridges between your hotel's Digital and Revenue Management strategies. With a proven agile formula, we do not serve you by simply providing with a tool, but rather we guide you through a Mentorship program on how to make the most out of your data and boost your direct performance.

Implementing Your Digital-Revenue Tracking.

First step first. All you need to do is implementing a piece of code we will be providing you with, into your booking engine. That’s really it. From this point on, your RevANALYTICS dashboards and reports starts populating.

Interpretating/Evaluating Your current Data.

Data is beautiful. But knowing what exactly you should be doing with it, that’s another story. And that’s what we are here for. With our Mentorship program, you will be taught how to use, combine, and get the most out of your figures.

Defining & Planning Actions.

The final outcome of your RevANALYTICS audit, a set of actionable items based on your figures, covering the 3 main booking areas: eDistribution, Packaging, Revenue.

Applying Actions.

It’s time for you to take action and convert the outcome of your RevANALYTICS audit into activities. No worries, we are here to help you and make sure all actionable items are in place.

Checking Results & New Data.

Let’s make your desires come true. Numbers don’t lie, and now you can see it with your own eyes. But don’t stop now, keep going through the loop, let’s start again looking into your new figures and keep boosting your performance.

Higher, Faster, Stronger