‘No-Availability’ Dates. Is the hotel really closed?

You have available rooms, but prospects don’t book, because they can’t.

This situation occurs way more often than we usually think.

Tracking how many times and, more specifically, when exactly the booking engine return no rooms and rates, becomes important to:

❌ Understand the actual demand, besides the actual production, especially when the hotel is fully booked;
❌ Detect maxed-out allotments, when not working in free sale;
❌ Understand whether certain restrictions that we applied (e.g. MinLOS, Min. Advance Booking Days, etc.) are too restrictive;
❌ Spillage (rooms sold to fast) or Spoilage (being close to the date with many rooms still to sell).

Ultimately, something that, unexpectedly, I’ve see too often times:
❌ Fear of overbooking.

Let’s see together these 2 hotels and how different their Revenue strategies are.

Do you track the No-Availability messages through your booking engine?