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Alex Velazquez
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Is SEO really dead?

It’s more alive than ever before.
But it’s just changing a lot.
Here’s Why.

The Cost of Advertising is Increasing by 30%...


What can you do NOW to get quality and organic traffic to your Hotel Website, without spending a dime?

Video Lesson SEO Hotels Pro

Learn the new way of doing Hotel SEO.

It’s a fact: Google is now taking over the online travel market.

But here’s the good news: relevant hotel websites, that offer relevant content, will always rank on top of Google Searches.

"The First Step to Winning the Game is Understanding the Game."

– Alex Velazquez

What You Will Learn.

Strategies and Tactics that not even the OTAs can copy from you. 😉

IMPORTANT! This Course is NOT for everyone...

The market is full of marketing gimmicks that promise easy solutions to complex problems.

If that’s what you’re looking for, fair enough, you may find better ways than this course to invest your money.

SEO Hotels Pro is not for You if...

SEO Hotels Pro is for You if...

Learning Modules
Video Lessons
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Hours of learning material

👇 In Details...

    • Alex Velazquez introduces us to Google Map Pack.
    • What is Google Map Pack + Triggers.
    • 75% chances that you don’t have to pay a dime to get a booking.
    • Google Hotels, Google My Business + BONUS Tips.
    • Triggering Factors in “Discovery”.
    • GMB (Google My Business / Google Hotels) Profile
    • Links, Links, Links
    • Onpage
    • Reviews, Reviews, Reviews
    • BONUS-Measurement Tools
    • Rank Better to get Better Direct Revenue
    • Hotel Linkology
    • Direct Booking (Referral)
    • Announcement Release
    • Offer Release
    • Influencers
    • Link Insertion + Curation
    • Partner Release
    • Why You Should Have a Hotel Travel Blog
    • Direct Booking
    • Audience Creation AND Opt In (Downstream Booking)
    • Search Engine Authority for Destination
    • Shares Re-Publications & Syndication
    • Swaps Partnerships & Links Outreach
    • The Hot Seat: Many Real & Practical Examples
    • Tools, Questions and More
    • 4 Categories of Links You can still have
    • Existing Links
    • Events, Events, Events
    • Locality
    • Broken Links
    • Tools, Questions and More
    • What is your GMB? (This is no low-level question…)
    • It’s likely mis-categorized
    • It’s your new Home Page
    • Attributes, Attributes, Attributes
    • It can displace OTA’s, if linked to
    • Tools, Questions and More

The #1 SEO Course that will teach you how to organically position your hotel like Google wants.

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Alex Velazquez


Alex is a 17 year veteran of search marketing in the hotel and travel industry, providing strategic and consultative services to both independent hotels and chain level brands alike, with experience at the multi-property site level, as well as single-hotel marketing in niche markets/destinations.

With his roots firmly planted in marketing technologies, and several degrees in mathematics, he strives to uncover the ‘how’ element behind tactics that work, pushing forward the proof of theory into practice on behalf of clients and adopters.

He is responsible for numerous top 10 Google ranks for clients in the ultra competitive search markets of Orlando, Las Vegas, Gatlinburg, and New York City.


Either you’ll love it, or it’s on us.

We are 100% sure that you will appreciate our effort to put together this unique course that will teach you how to do SEO for Hotels in these post-pandemic times.

However, if for whatever reason you’ll not like it (or will not like us), just send us an email and we will pay it back. No questions asked.

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