Why a Hotel Digital Coach?

Web-marketing agencies sell you what they are good at, not what you need.
A web coach is your GPS in the digital world: you remain in the driver’s seat, whilst he directs you towards your goals.

It's your choice: either you decide to be part... or ahead of the game.

If You had a Marketing Budget of $100,000...

How Would You Invest it ?

How would you know how to allocate your money so that you have the highest return of investment, a greater hotel occupancy and a huge increase in your room revenue?

Your Possible Choices:

Right for the Hotel next to You...

but Wrong for You !

Let me tell you a quick story that really happened to me.

This Hotel Manager contacted me asking for my opinion. He received an offer from a Marketing agency.

The offer this Hotel Manager received was like this:

In short:

When facing an offer like this, beside all the details, my first answer when a hotel asks for my opinion is: “I don’t know, because I can’t know”.

A marketing project, per se, is neither good nor bad. It’s just nothing, if not designed around the needs and the goals of the hotel.

However, it was shortly after that first feedback that I came back to him saying: “this marketing plan makes NO sense at all for your hotel”.

What happened in between?

Just one thing; I had a look at the traffic generated by the hotel’s website: on average, 20 users per day.


The First Step to Winning the Game is Understanding the Game.

Marketing Agencies

do NOT sell you what you need ...

Think about it: even rocks know that SEO takes time.

The benefits that anyone can experience from a good SEO don’t happen overnight.

Put another way: with a marketing plan like this, this hotelier would have kept getting 20 daily users on his hotel website for a long time still.

Why so? Why a SEO-based marketing plan?

Because typically Marketing agencies do NOT sell what hotels need, they sell what they are good at.

Sounds familiar?

Alessandro Crotti Directyourbookings workshop

So again the question:

Obviously you want more guests, more occupancy and more revenue.

So let me ask you again:
$100k is your budget, how do you spend it?

Among all possible options, only one will 100% get you where you want and deserve to be!

16 Different
Marketing Disciplines

Relying on a single web-agency or marketing expert to manages all your web marketing from A to Z, is easier than having multiple people to deal with.

And easy is better, right?

But Marketing is made up by so many different disciplines, that it’s physically impossible for anyone to be an expert in each of them.

Obviously you want more guests, more occupancy and more revenue.

So let me ask you again. $100k is your budget, how do you spend it?

In which disciplines are you going to invest your money?

Part... or Ahead of the Game?

“But I am an Expert in Hospitality, not in Web Marketing!”

Very very true. And I hear your concern, this digital transformation the Hotel Industry has been going through in the last 15 years is so fast… that’s impossible to keep up.

I used to say that web-marketing and hotel online distribution changed more in the last 5 years than in the previous 50. Even more so now, in these post-pandemic times.

And this is precisely the reason why a Coach is what you need to help you move, invest and generate consistent revenue in the digital world.

7 Reasons

to hire a Digital Coach for your Hotel.

Avoid scenarios like the one of the example I just told you, that will cost you a lot of money and bring no results.

A great coach is someone who sees more talent and potential within you than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.

A coach keeps you on track and moving forward toward new levels of achievement.

A digital coach shows you the way to success and drives you there.

Do you really want to keep relying on so-called experts to drive your business? Consider a coach as your GPS, whilst you remain in the driving seat.

A coach helps you keep control of your business, because he knows what works well and what you should avoid.

Ultimately a coach helps you take conscious decisions: no more blind decisions into the unknown.


Now it’s your choice: like anyone else? Or better than anybody else?

If you keep doing what everybody does,
you’ll keep getting what everybody else gets.

Here lies the difference between being part of the game, or being ahead of it.

Think of a very successful hotel, it may be a competitor of yours, or a property in a totally different city, or country. Maybe more than one hotel comes to your mind.

Done? Good.

Now let me ask you a question: do these hoteliers do what everybody else does? Or is it likely that they do something, let’s say, different?

Take a look at a real case study: Blue Ocean Strategy for Hotels: How To Make The Competition Irrelevant.

Let me warn you though: consistent, persistent and solid successes like these don’t happen overnight.

Tell meYour Story, not someone else's.

I am Alessandro Crotti and I am a Digital Strategist and Coach for Independent Hotels.

This is the only thing I have been doing for about 20 years now, ever since I was 18.

I help Hotel Professionals to generate more leads, more prospects and more (direct) bookings.

Tell me your story, and I’ll tell you if and how I can help your hotel business.

Discover Your Digital Transformation

I can help, if you let me know you. Tell me your story.

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