Facebook Hotel Ads: (Bad) Example.

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Facebook Hotel Ads Bad Example

Paying for advertising… but the hotel is not available.

I just took the screenshot below. It’s a standard retargeting campaign on Facebook.

Simply put:

  • I visited their website, then left.
  • Thanks to a FB pixel, this hotel is now “chasing” me, knowing that, as a potential customer, I may still be interested in making a booking at a later stage.
  • Thanks to this FB pixel, the hotel can now “remarket” (retarget) to me with the following Ad.

Today’s rate $700.

The hotel also knows that I made a booking search through their booking engine.

Furthermore, they also know which dates I shopped (FB Travel Ads allow to track this info and I can see the FB pixel is properly setup and firing).

However, I get retargeted with the following Ad, that doesn’t take into account the dates (check-in and out) that I entered in my search.

Facebook Hotel Ad: bad example

Facebook Hotel Ad: bad example

Imagine, in fact, an Ad text that says something like:

“Still looking for a room on [check-in date I previously shopped] at [hotel location]?”

More compelling and specific.

Instead, I clicked on the Book Now, got redirected to the website (not the booking engine) and not only today’s date was not of my interest, but also not available ?.

How to throw budget out of the window.

Please, control your own campaigns!

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