The Customer Journey: Let’s start with Respecting it.

  • 11 Travel Sites before making the booking.
  • 4 Months from the moment she started looking at options to the reservation.
  • 37 Days spent researching.

This is the Customer Journey Henrike Lewerenz, Industry Leader TravelX – Google Germany, showed us at the last WorldHotels Annual Conference, by taking her last trip as an example.

11 Travel Sites actually do not include social media.

As a matter of fact, the last number I heard end of 2018 said something like 42 sites overall, that travellers visit, from the moment they start looking around, to the moment they make the booking.

This means that the vast majority of time during the booking process, guests are simply not in their “booking mode”.

But during this time we have plenty of options to establish a rapport with the prospects rather than pushing and convincing them into a purchase they are not ready to get into yet.

One of these options is by giving away for free that talks about the destination.

That’s why an itinerary like a walking tour that can be created in minutes with Google Maps is very much effective.

Or another map listing the best restaurants in the city.

A quick guide with all main POIs.

Those are just examples, but it’s all stuff that gets remembered when the time of booking comes.