Bergamo, è per te, móla mía!

Atalanta Bergamo: Coronavirus

I had a plan for today.

In less than 3 hours from now I’m going to have an important call with an important customer. I should prepare a bit.

You know, though, one of those days where you simply can’t connect, no matter how much effort you put forth.

Point being, in this very moment, I have tears in my eyes. And I couldn’t care any less about direct-booking strategies, revenue, marketing, branding and whatsoever.

The photo above was shot about 5-6 hours ago.

Valencia, Spain.

In an empty Mestalla stadium, Josip Ilicic scores four as Atalanta beat Valencia to continue European dream.

The site of UEFA titles:

Atalanta join Champions League debutant quarter-finalists.

“La Dea” (The Goddess), as we call her, is the football team of my city, Bergamo.

If you like football, you certainly have heard about her recent deeds. So recent, that most didn’t even know of her existence until 12 months ago.

In Thailand, where I am now, it’s 5 in the morning when the game finished. A little later when the photo above was taken.

The fact that we are Champions League debutant quarter-finalists, though, is definitely beyond the point.

I have tears in my eyes because my beautiful Bergamo is the country’s worst-affected area, by the time of this post. Whilst I am so far away, I perfectly sense the fear of my beloved people there.

I have tears in my eyes because a football game, is just a football game… yet my Atalanta deserved us, her people, around her to celebrate her deeds.

I have tears in my eyes because… I couldn’t help but having tears looking at our players showing that t-shirt to the entire world that reads “Bergamo, è per te, móla mía“, with the last two words translated from the local dialect: Bergamo, it’s for you, don’t give up.

I have tears in my eyes because a football game, is just a football game… yet those 2000+ fans who were supposed to fill the away section of Mestalla stadium, decided to donate ca. € 50,000 to local hospitals to help deal with the coronavirus outbreak, using cash they would have spent on cancelled trip to Valencia.

I have tears in my eyes thinking of my people, their generosity, how much proud I am of these guys, my city, my team, how much I would love to come there to hug you all, one by one… and how much I would like to shout all this to the world!