FEAR: The World’s #1 Industry (re Coronavirus)

FEAR is the global biggest industry.

I first heard this maybe 15 years ago or so.

From a comedian. A comedian!!! And he was not joking.

I was probably too young, back then I couldn’t relate to it much.

Now, you tell me, was he wrong?

A couple of days ago I said that the next few hours and days would have said a lot about the future of our Hospitality.

The “next few hours”, indeed, said a lot.

Let’s say that I would have hoped to hear something different.

‘Security’ as the one only purpose we should have in life, and in a matter of seconds it flowed into ‘Oppressive Security’.

My country has just showed the world the worst equation we could possibly be aware of.

Like an equation:

FEAR = Unexpected phenomenon (virus) * (Government’s incompetence + General Illiteracy + Mass media condescension).

Who is the Virus?

Who is the Virus?

In the photo, one of the variables of the equation above (I let you guess which one).

Who is the real virus?