Too Many Pricing Options: the Paradox of Choice in Hospitality.

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When it comes to choosing among several options like a long list of hotel rooms and rates, each with its own pricing point, conditions and inclusions, psychology plays (again) a big role.

The problem is that most times we, hoteliers, do the opposite of what is needed. By far, the paradox of choice is the trap we all fall the most into.

The paradox of choice is, indeed, a paradox by which we tend to believe that the more options we present if front of our prospective customers, the more chances we have to turn that prospect into a paying guest.

Perfect recipe for disaster.

In fact, when facing too many options, our human mind gets scared, it literally and subtly freaks out, because it simply can’t handle, filter and digest so much information.

The result: prospects running away, abandoning and giving in any tentative to even understand what your hotel is really offering, moving to the next available (and easier) option, being it another channel (OTA) or another hotel.

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More Rooms & Rates = More Bookings??

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