Different location… different hotel prices

Hotel Distribution

This is stating the obvious, most of us, sooner or later, thought about OTAs offering different hotel deals based on the user’s location. But the thing is, either we accept the way it is, passively, or we try do to something, but before doing something, we first need to detect when this happens, so that we can go back to our Market/Account Manager of the OTAs who undercuts our rates with some real argument. And trust me, when you have proofs, they fly down 🙂

This is just the last example that recently happened to me with one of the hotel I follow and track data for, with RevANALYTICS.

First of all, this hotel is in the US whilst I was in Athens by the time I was looking into it. I got curious about this figure:


Simple as that, the conversion rates drops a bit when the booking window is less than 5. More in details, I saw that, within this range, the highest drop was with BW 4 and 5.

I started from Tripadvisor and this is what I saw, as soon as the selected arrival date was at least 4 days ahead:


It’s pretty straight forward, Expedia and Hotels.com are family, they pull rates and availability from the same extranet. Actually too easy, how could the hotel not detect this weird behaviour before?

Very quickly, I turned on my VPN and selected a US proxy. Same booking search, here’s the result:


Everything’s perfectly in parity.

The hotel has now shared these figures with the Expedia account manager, let’s see what they are going to reply.