Retargeting for Hotels (Part #2): Bye-Bye OTAs.

A website visitor made a booking search for 3 nights, then bounced (left the site).

Goal number 1: we want that prospect to finalise the booking, right?

Especially because a 3-night search may be quite ‘juicy’.

Goal number 2: we want that prospect to finalise the (direct) booking through our site/booking engine, right?

But how?

For example, with a secret discount that you are willing to offer, only to those who previously searched for 3 or more nights.

Multiple-night bookings through the OTAs may turn into high commissions to be paid at the end of the month.

Here is where the customer journey usually taking multiple times and interactions before converting becomes an asset.

How to use this asset? Retargeting.

How to best use this asset? Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel.

In this video, I show you how we can use a previous search to retarget users based on the booking search criteria they entered.

If you believe that “the OTAs will always win”, this will change your mind.

And bye-bye OTAs.

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